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Vision, goals and objectives

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This is the start of the consultation survey. A summary of information in the LTCP linked to the consultation questions is given. The consultation questions are at the bottom of each page. At the end of the survey you can review all your answers before submitting them.

Our Vision

The Local Transport and Connectivity Plan needs a central vision to guide our transport strategy, policies and projects.

We have updated the vision to respond to the big changes affecting transport.

Our draft vision is set out on the right.

“A transport network which secures a future in which the region and its people can thrive.

“It must put improved public health at its core, it must help create a fairer society, it must respond to climate change targets, it must protect our environment and clean up our air, and it must be the backbone of sustainable economic growth in which everyone can prosper.

“And it must bring a region of cities, market towns and very rural areas closer together.

“It will be achieved by investing in a properly joined-up, net zero carbon transport system, which is high quality, reliable, convenient, affordable, and accessible to everyone. Better, cleaner public transport will reduce private car use, and more cycling and walking will support both healthier lives and a greener region. Comprehensive connectivity, including digital improvements, will support a sustainable future for our region’s nationally important and innovative economy.”

Key Goals

To go with that vision, we have a draft set of key transport goals. These are set out to the right.

Key changes to the vision and goals in the updated plan are:

  • A more detailed vision describing how transport will improve the region for all, and a greater balance between economic, environmental and social goals.
  • Putting better public health and a fairer society at the centre of the vision.
  • Greater focus on climate and the environment by making them two separate objectives.
  • Focusing more on internet and digital technology as key to better connecting the region.

Key Objectives

The draft LTCP has 11 objectives spread across the six goals. These are set out to the right.

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Vision, Goals and Objectives

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1. Do you understand why we are making a new Local Transport and Connectivity Plan?
2. To what extent do you agree with the proposed LTCP vision?
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Goal 1: Productivity
Goal 2: Connectivity
Goal 3: Climate
Goal 4: Environment
Goal 5: Health
Goal 6: Safety
Strongly agreeAgreeNot SureDisagreeStrongly disagre
Objective 1: Housing
Objective 2: Employment
Objective 3: Business and Tourism
Objective 4: Resilience
Objective 5: Accessibility
Objective 6: Digital
Objective 7: Health and Wellbeing
Objective 8: Air Quality
Objective 9: Safety
Objective 10: Environment
Objective 11: Climate Change

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