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LTCP Feedback Survey - Manual Input

Step 1 of 9

1. Do you understand why we are making a new Local Transport and Connectivity Plan?
2. To what extent do you agree with the proposed LTCP vision?
Strongly agreeAgreeNot SureDisagreeStrongly disagree
Goal 1: Productivity
Goal 2: Connectivity
Goal 3: Climate
Goal 4: Environment
Goal 5: Health
Goal 6: Safety
Strongly agreeAgreeNot SureDisagreeStrongly disagre
Objective 1: Housing
Objective 2: Employment
Objective 3: Business and Tourism
Objective 4: Resilience
Objective 5: Accessibility
Objective 6: Digital
Objective 7: Health and Wellbeing
Objective 8: Air Quality
Objective 9: Safety
Objective 10: Environment
Objective 11: Climate Change